About Comic:

Q. What happened to your other comics? Why aren't you continuing Anaria?
A. This comic takes place on the world of Anaria around the same time as the old comic. A lot of details in Anaria aren't canon to the new series, such as Lilian's past, how she joined the Mayfield Regulators, and Kaylee's place in the world. Kaylee doesn't show up in Regulators, but Lilian and Adia are secondary characters, and Melody will pop in from time to time since she is Gordon's sister.

You can still read Anaria over at here. Winter's Light is rebooted, but updates VERY slowly, and Pixie Clover will eventually be back on the web when I have time to make a website for it.

I've started work on the new versions of Kaylee's story, so someday that will be released.

Q. Wasn't Laz and Jasmine from that Antarctic Press crossover?
A. Yup. In 2009 when I went by J.L. Anderson I designed them for a comic I co-created with my friend Robby Bevard. Laz, Jasmine, and Mira are my characters and I have full rights to them. I only drew the art and under a very tight deadline; none of the writing is mine, so pretty much all of the behaviors of my characters are not correct and due to the nature of that publisher, it's a perverted trashfire. They didn't become real characters in my mind until late in the mini series.

It's not canon to my story in ANY way. The only thing that's the same are my designs, names for my characters, and that Laz is a psionic musician.

Q. Are you JL, Jayelle, or Leah?
A. I'm Leah now and Leah I will stay. I don't go by J.L. or Jayelle Anderson anymore. Go here to read more about the name change.

Q. Will there be illustrations in the novel?
A. Nope. Not my style for novels.

Q. Do you take commissions?
A. I do now. Go here for more information.

Q. Can you read my story/comic and give me feedback?
A. Sorry, no. I can't do pro bono editorial work.

Q. Will you be at *insert name here* con?
A. I'm not much of a con goer anymore, but there is a possibility that I'll show up at a PNW comic con.

Q. I have ideas I want you to put in your comic/pay you to put in your comic.
A. No.

Q. What kind of equipment do you work with to make your comic?
A. Photoshop CC with a Wacom 27QHD and 13HD. I also create pages using Artflow on my Samsung Galaxy Note9.

Q. Can I draw fan art/make other fan creations.
A. I love fan works! Just be respectful and keep it clean. No fetishy stuff.

As a side note, please don't sell or profit off of ANYTHING involving my characters. I've had issues with this and I don't appreciate it. This means no making fanart and selling it (originals or prints), no profiting off of fan music on something like Bandcamp, don't write fan fic and try to sell it. All of these things and then some have happened and it just discourages me. I'm just a small time indy artist, not Marvel or DC.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me!

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