November 5, 2020:
Someone was too busy being sad on the roof.

If you want to read the full 21 page story you can join my patreon and read it all at once. I'll be posting it weekly here so it'll take a while. I'll have it up for sale soon on Gumroad for everyone else. However, the $5 patreons will get to read comic pages after this one a LOT sooner than everyone else.

For shits and giggles I left the old version of this comic up for patreons. It's eight pages and MUCH different. I do reuse most of the pages, but I updated the art and story on most of it since this was the first comic I drew on my cell phone and was still learning the program as well as the dynamics of the characters. This cover was drawn in photoshop since I wanted to spend time on it.

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