May 30, 2020:

This page was the literal worst to draw on a cell phone. Ha ha! And yeah, if I didn't mention before, I draw this comic on my cell phone.

A lot has happened in a month and a half. I've been working on the game writing mentorship I got accepted into, which has been a huge positive. On the downside I had a QA testing job for a few days and it hurt my hands so bad I've been unable to use my hands much for the last month. Because of the lack of job I decided to start taking commissions again. I'm a bit slow right now because of my hands, but I've been having fun with it. I decided with some friends what to call my little brand/business and we settled on "Tea Witch Crafts".

I made a FurAffinity page to post the commissions and I have commission information up on my Patreon.
Commission info on Patreon
TeaWitchCrafts on FurAffinity

The only other news I can think of is I did make a hub I'll be slowly updating for all of my comics and other stuff on

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