June 20, 2020:
The start of the next cell phone comic "Friend Jail". Yeah, that's Laz in his human form. It was only briefly shown in the mug shot on page four.

In other news, around August or September 2020 I want to start posting a serialized illustrated webnovel of Anaria. I'm still working on how I want to serialize the series and it's likely it'll be over Patreon.

When I was editing the dialogue on the old Anaria comics I realized that it wasn't going to work with the changes I made to the world. I still want to tell Kaylee's story, but at this point it's better suited as prose. Maggie's story from Pixie Clover will get assimilated into the new webnovel. I can't make any more comics and I need to focus on the written word, anyway, so it seemed like the best route.

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