Febuary 4, 2020:

No page this week (there will be soon!), but I wanted to make a post to celebrate the first anniversary of me telling myself on twitter to not make a comic about Laz. I guess Laz is giving Jasmine a kiss on the cheek in celebration of the event. XD

Last February 5th I was snowed in, still in surgery pain, and somehow started looking at domain names when my friend brought up the subject of a new domain extension. For some reason I looked up lazalanti.com and purchased it for no good reason. I'm a notorious domain name hoarder, but I decided to purge a few unused ones to keep this one. I didn't know what I was going to do with it since I wasn't making comics anymore.

Sortly after that I made a Twitter post:

It quickly devolved into some super scribbly comics with Gavin that reference the old Winter's Light comic:

(Just so there is no confusion: It was ten years since I made the first comic with them in it. In this story, Laz's fans still remember him because he's only been a part of the Mayfield Psionic Regulators for a few months. Though I WAS surprised just how many old comic fans remembered him!!)

I wasn't sure I should even THINK about making a comic again since my track record hasn't been that great. I asked my friends and those that knew me a long time knew that anything staring Laz and Jasmine wouldn't be a problem. XD

For those of you that don't know, Laz and Jasmine are two very old characters of mine. I really missed working with them so comic means a lot to me and I'm happy to share little stories about these beloved characters with you all. I still plan on finishing the novel in 2020, but life has thrown me some pretty heavy curveballs so we'll see what happens. The comic will plug along as usual. I hope to get back to Winter's Light soon.

Thank you guys for supporting my comic creating endeavors, especially my friends and fans on my Patreon Discord. Making this has been very healing.

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