February 13, 2021:

I'm sorry for taking a bit for a new comic, but I needed to take some time for a little break to figure out the direction of the webcomic, work on the novel, and make some new pages. I have been updating my Patreon with new stuff as well as taking commissions. I have plans on making sketch comics that take place before End of Summer, but I don't know the ETA of when that will happen.

This story takes place right after End of Summer and stars Archmage Gavin Stowelle, the third main character of the novels. I love writing about him!

I'm going to take a few weeks after this to get things straight with the pages I'll be sharing on Patreon and what stories I'll be working on next. I could go in a few directions, I just want to make sure I'm happy with the choice I made.

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I don't know what I'm doing.

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