November 16, 2019:

This page became a bit of a meme on my patreon Discord since I drew it back in April. It's been the picture I've used for icons everywhere because it's really dumb. XD

Looking back on this mini story has been kind of interesting. I started this project off wanting to make silly short stories; I got sidetracked and tried to make things more serious; part of the way through decided that I needed to keep these stories short. This will be a multi parter, but I need a breather to re-evaluate what subjects I actually want to touch on with it, so after the next page I'll have that the end of part one, then go into other mini stories. Think of this webcomic like an author's notebook where I brainstormed about backstory stuff for a novel in a very convoluted way. The novel is serious, the comics are whatever self-indulgent thing I feel like drawing at that moment.

Anyway... bread.

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