November 5, 2019:
I feel a bit bad for taking so long to update, but I'm also not entire sure how many people check the website. LOL! Analytics are a double edged sword; while they are great for knowing who is reading and where traffic is coming from, it also makes me obsess and stress too much. This comic is supposed to be for fun. Thank you to everyone who has followed me on twitter, supported me on Patreon, and donated on Ko-fi. I'm sorry I haven't been individually thanking everyone lately, but things are slowly calming down in my life.

On the other hand, the break helped me figure out a few things. I decided to cut this chapter into different mini stories to go with my original idea of it being a slice of life comic. That way I keep it light and fun for me. The larger story is the novel, these are just silly things that I want to write, but don't fit into the books.

I'm going to start Winter's Light some time in December. A lot of that is already drawn, I just have to make edits. That will be on a separate part of

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