October 17, 2019:
Jasmine has to protect her dumb baby.

After two years of anger towards my old project "Winter's Light" I gave up my negative feeling and began revamping it so I could finish it. There will be a lot of changes and more pages added. The shapeshifter/were aspect of the beastkin will be added, most of the dialogue will be changed, the non-canonical aspects will be gone (such as Justin being stronger than Gavin. He is not.), and most important to me, Mahri's dress will be less skanky :p. If you want to read the new Winter's Light pages ahead of time you can join my patreon. For now here is a preview of some of the edits (the art will change some more in the final edits).

I updated my art page with gifts friends made for me for my birthday. Visit the Art page or click on the links here:
Boob Hat Do NOT blow this for us WHY

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