August 27, 2019:

The title page! If this were a print comic it'd look nice. LOL! I honestly think in terms of print comics than webcomics, but whatever. I do what I want! Though sometimes it gets the best of me... like this longass title that I chose. I was amused by it, but it's bad for social media promotion. OOPS. I even cut it down as it was originally going to be Laz Alanti Jones and the Mayfield Psionic Regulators. I was going to put Echo Hunters in the tile, but I didn't want people to get this confused with the novel when that comes out. IT IS WHAT IT IS NOW.

On Laz's mugshot you can see his real name is Lazalanti Varenas. I think Lazalanti is something only his mom calls him when she's mad. Eventually I'll get to why he doesn't go by his real name.

Also, if people didn't know, my beastkin are shapeshifters. Even the old Anaria characters like Kaylee, Mahri, and Lilian. They are the descendants of cursed humans. The Erethi are a hybrid of pureblood humans, feline beastkin, and the extinct porcupine beastkin clan. The shapeshifter aspect was something I wanted to have from the start of Anaria, but I couldn't figure out how to fit it in back then. I decided to work with it in the new version. It also allowed me to use both the beast and human forms of Laz. At one point I changed Laz and Jasmine to human, but once I did that my inspiration stopped. Create what you enjoy even if that means people thinking it won't be popular. If I kept them pure human it would have never had the chance to even be unpopular as I wouldn't have created anything.

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