August 8, 2019:
Welcome to Laz Jones and the Mayfield Regulators! I'm happy to be finally sharing my new webcomic. I started it in February 2019 on a whim and it exploded from there. I haven't been this inspired in almost a decade so I've been on a roll!

Yes, this is a reboot of Anaria, but technically Anaria was a reboot of this story so I just went full circle and went back to what I really wanted to write about. In time all of the characters from the original Anaria comic will come back, but for now it's about a different cast (plus Gavin). Other than Gavin and Maggie, the main thing Anaria was lacking was experessive faces which is a reason I ended up fizzling out. I love expressive faces, funny mixed in with my drama, and Laz. Don't worry, I won't reboot it again. I've found my home.

The novel I'm working on right now takes place about six months to a year after the events in this comic. There is a lot that can happen in that time and all of the characters here have very rich histories so I'm not lacking in content at all. Within a day I managed to fill ten pages in a sketch book with subjects I could write about. There will be longer form chapters about 24 to 32 pages mixed in with mini side stories that are 1 to 8 pages. After the novel I'll probably write comics about post-novel stuff, but I'll see when I cross that bridge.

About the "Regulators" name, it's inspired by a bit of a old west history about Billy the Kid.

About the website - already I'm amused by this process of posting. I got sick of the usual WordPress/ComicPress combo since it was difficult to deal with and security was a nightmare, so I went back to the basics... editing HTML files on my server. :B I was honestly surprised I could make this site in such a short amount of time since I went in thinking I was going to design site like in 1999: tables and plain html navigation with courier font on white. I also had no clue how to write CSS before going into this. I'll fix how the nav loads in mobile, but it still works so it can wait. I have a lot of other things I need to focus on rigth now.

I think I'll write down the songs I listened to during each page or scene (if I can remember). Music is an important part of Laz's life so I find it's appropriate. This one was a weird combo, but I loved it.

"The Man's Too Strong" - Dire Straits
"CNR" - Weird Al

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