Right now only main characters are shown, even if it'll take a bit to get to them. I'll add important and secondary characters as they appear in the story.

Mayfield Psionic Regulators Members:


Laz Jones:

(aka Lazalanti Varenas)
Age: 35
Race: Beastkin - Erethi (porcupine shifter/human hybrid)
Height: 6'3"
Occupation: Musician (hiatus), Echo Hunter/Psionic Regulator
Abilities: Class A Psionic (Emotive telepath, robomancy, empath).
Weapon of Choice: Acousitic Guitar (music as a focus)
Bio: Laz is a preforming musician who tours across the allied Mirim and Kaini nations. He holds his artistic talents with a far greater value than his psionic abilities to the point that he learned from a young age to play dumb about the scope of his psionic skills. This meant that he never learned the proper grounding and boundary skills one would have learned at an early age for someone of his caliber. When he was arrested by the United Psionic Council for the crimes of psionic incompetence and negligence, his best friend Jasmine insisted that her hunter and regulation group train him. While it's not the end of his music career, he has to face a lot about himself he never wanted to.


Jasmine Briarwood:

Age: 35
Race: Beastkin - Felis (Feline shifter)
Height: 5'3"
Occupation: Leader of the Mayfield Regulators. Echo hunter and psionic regulator
Abilities: Magitech enhansed hunter and wind witch.
Weapon of Choice: Psiblade
Bio: Jasmine was born in Old Mayfield before it was destroyed in the Kaini-Mansel War. She spent a part of her childhood between the neighboring town Roseburg and Sand Pass with her aunt, but when she became an adult she eventually returned to New Mayfield when the region began resettlement. She doesn't have enough psionic abilities to be enlisted in the United Psionic Council, but she registered as a Regulator to help protect the town from echo and psionic threats. She has known Laz since they were 10 and even when they were living far apart they still maintained a friendship through mail and station communications.


Rena Starsglen:

Age: 29
Race: Starfall Elf
Height: 5'11"
Occupation: Echo Hunter/Psionic Regulator
Abilities: Magitech enhansed Starfall magic (Telekensis, illusions)
Weapong of choice: Hatchet
Bio: Rena is a decedent of the magicless Starfall elves who settled in Kaini. She was too restless to stay with her family's farm and ended up forming the Mayfield Regulators with Jasmine and Erik.


Adia Luciana:

Age: 38
Race: Mirim Human
Height: 5'1"
Occupation: Sighlafel Engineering Technician
Abilities: Communications, Tinkerer, magitech specialist
Weapon of Choice: Gadgets, Firearms
Bio: Adia is a part of a small group of technicians that specialize in reverse engineering lost Sighlafel tech. She specializes in communications and distortion fields.

United Psionic Council Members:


Archmage Gavin Stowelle:

Age: 42
Race: Mirim Human
Height: 6'1"
Occupation: Archmage, Scholar
Abilities: Class A Psionic Technomage (Fire Elementalist and Emotive telepathy).
Weapon of Choice: Sceptor, sword, Mimic Echo
Bio: Gavin is the former lord of Ebonshire who gave up his status to become a part of the research division of the United Psionic Council when he was young. Currently he works on the Mirim/Kaini boarder station as a the head of Northern Kaini Historical Research Division. As the highest-ranking member of the NorKai region he has to deal with and check up on the most dangerous psionic threats within his jurisdiction.



Sheriff Xander Harrison:

Age: 45
Race: Mirim Human
Height: 5'11"
Occupation: Sheriff of Mayfield
Abilities: Marksman
Weapon of Choice: Firearms
Bio: Bio coming soon


Charles (Charlie) Canton:

Age: 23
Race: Beastkin Erethi (porcupine shifter/human hybrid)
Height: 5'6"
Occupation: Rogue psionic, lowlife
Abilities: Magitech enhansed psionic (emotive telepathy, robomancy)
Weapon of Choice: Mimic Echo, Firearms
Bio: Charlie is a part of the Camas Valley Posse, a group of lawless psionics outside of Mayfield.

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