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About the world of Anaria:

Anaria is the name of the world that the series takes place in. There are two other parallel worlds called Fringe and Nadir. More info and a map to come!

Species of Anaria:

Beastkin: They are the shapeshifter descendants of cursed humans. While in beast form they are blessed with superior senses and magic (psionic and witchcraft) abilities to humans, they can't hold one form for an extended period of time, nor do they have the ability to control the elements like pure humans have the potential of doing, no matter which form they are in. Their default form is their beastkin form, but if they wear themselves out magically they'll return to human for a time. The different races of beastkin live in all parts of the Anaria, all with different cultures. Vulpine, Felis, Canis, Lupine, Ovine, and Erethi are the most common. It is said that they are a product of a spell placed upon the people of Adanya by the god-princess Mirial while she was at war with her brother Mirim.

Since the beastkin are still technically human, they can have children with pure humans and have hybrid offspring as well as having hybrid offspring with other beastkin. The Erethi are the product of mix of the humans, felis, and the now extinct porcupine kin since they shared close borders in the past. They have been their own race for centuries. There are some cultures that condemn hybridization, though.

Humans: There are many races of humans in Anaria, but the most prolific are the people of Mirim. They specialize in magitech to enhance one's magical talents or to use other magic technology. The nation of Mirim has a turbulant history with the neighboring country of Adanya over the dispute of who the land belongs to: the humans or the beastkin. They have a much more peaceful political relationship with the beast nation of Kaini to the south.

Elves: The magicborn of the two remaining elven races (Starfall and Elnowan) are reclusive and keep to themselves unless otherwise disturbed. The Elnowan are less xenophobic, but still shun those not born with magic they deem worthy of passing on to the next generation. The non-magicborn elves have found allies in the humans and beastkin and have taken to building technology alongside them. Their lifespan is closer to a human or beastkin and benefit from the magitech enhancements to bring out any latent magical abilites. The extinct elven race, the Sighlafel, are criticized and resented for both their failure to fix the problem of the elves diminishing magic as well as their part in the psionic wars against the Nadir races that forever scarred the world. Because of this, the Starfall, Elnowan, and the Celestial Witches do not approve of psionics.

Nadir Folk: A broad term for the different species living in the Nadir realm. They are diverse and mysterious, mostly keeping to themselves. While the ancient wars are over many of the species have called a truce in different ways, but some, such as the tengu, still hold on to their distrust and fear of the people of the Anaria realm to protect their lands and people. The starflower pixies are one of the few species that have bonded with the humans and their kin.


The main classes of magic on Anaria are psionics, witchcraft, and elementalism. More info to come!

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