About the webcomic:

Laz Jones and the Mayfield Regulators is a slice of life sci-fi/fantasy dramedy. In a world where technology and magic meet, a reluctant psionic works with his friends to keep their town safe from ancient elven war robots.

This comic is a prequel to the novel currently in development. There will be a bit of a tone difference between the comic and the novel due to the silly nature of my comic art and expressions, but it's still the events that happen.

Notes on Comic:

Content Warnings: The art is SFW, though the stories will have adult language, alcohol use, mental health talk, suggestive themes, and robot hunting related violence. It's intended for more mature audiences, so parents be warned.

Anaria?: Yes, this story still takes place in my world of Anaria. To read more about the reboot go to my FAQ page

Have I seen that design somewhere?: When I used to go by J.L. Anderson my designs of Laz and Jasmine originally appeared in a crossover comic in 2009. That comic is not canon to this story in any way, but you can read a bit more about that on my FAQ page.

World of Anaria:

World, race, magic, and technology info will go here.
It'll be a work in progress for some time.

Go here to read about the world of Anaria

About Leah:

I'm a comic artist and writer from the PNW who worked in the mainstream comic industry and on webcomics since 2007. I'm a self-taught artist that went to college to study social and political science. My hobbies include beachcombing, hiking, camping, playing video games, and modding Skyrim.

Note: In May 2018 I changed my pen name to Leah Briere. In the past I've been published as J.L. (Jayelle) Anderson. To find out more behind the name change read this blog post.

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